1. This hat was also quite the whore this weekend. @purplesticky @adamfox


  2. @hell_city shenanigans! I had so much fun this weekend :) @nicolemariemccord @justinorianitattoos @santeeattack


  3. New York! I’m inside you with @calliejanesuicide. Let’s party :)


  4. Half sleeve I started last night!


  5. #tbt. REAL fucking cat naps. #flokimeow #catnaps #idratherbecuddlingmycat #whydoihavesomanycats #canigobacktojustone?


  6. Nashville with this pretty boy ❤️❤️ @teejaydrums


  7. Woke up in Tennessee surrounded by kittens 😍


  8. Finished this up last night!


  9. In progress photos are weird, but I love this adorable pin up I started!! I can’t wait to finish it!


  10. I got that bitch a rose. Bitches love roses. @eechance🌹